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November 29, 2011

2nd Annual Kenturkey Derby

For Thanksgiving Tess and I headed to the Chico to be with her family and my family who drove in from Texas, Arizona and Denver. It was a blast and the highlight was our second annual kenturkey derby.

Everyone dressed up in funny clothes and hats for the derby, we made special derby cocktails and had ourselves a race. The race was 50 yards around a tree and back, but everyone rode bareback which made it challenging. People were bouncing around,

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August 30, 2011

Land Monitoring Workshop

Last week Charley Orchard from Land EKG came out to our sister ranch, Chico Basin, to teach a workshop on monitoring land health.

Charley’s system is recognized by most major agencies like the BLM and Forest Service as an acceptable, accurate and reputable method for measuring land health. Land EKG is comparable to a regular EKG, the machine they hook you up to in a hospital to monitor your heart and make sure you don’t flat-line (i.e. die), and is a system that

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February 9, 2011


Yesterday morning we went on a feed and ice run at the Chico. We went all around the north pasture breaking ice with axes and unloading bales of hay. We broke the ice as Michael and Allen talked about on the Chico blog so the cattle can get through to the water at the tanks in their pastures.

There was a lead steer with this particular bunch that helps the new cattle get used to feed trucks, moving in to new

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