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Besides being home to horses and cattle, the Chico Basin Ranch also hosts an incredible diversity of native plants, animals, and insects. A closer look at the land will reveal micro-habitats varying from sandhills to sand sage habitat, shortgrass prairies and cholla cactus grasslands. These various ecosystems provide a home for a dizzying array of birds, grasshoppers, swift foxes, pronghorn, badgers, prairie dogs and more.

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April 5, 2014


Finally, Blue-winged Teal arrived to join their close relatives, Cinnamon Teal.  Two of the easiest ducks to I.D., that is the males.  The females are a different story.  The bill shape is more spatulate in Cinnamon Teal and the white spot behind the eye more noticeable in Blue-winged Teal.  A very close inspection will also show some cinnamon wash on breast feathers on female Cinnamon Teal(s).  Hunters call a group of teal, teal, but grammar police call a group of teal, teals.

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April 3, 2014

Insects, Birds and Deer

One way to become a better birder is to explore every habitat type and learn what bird sepcies are unique to it.

May 3, 2013

First Owlet of the Season

A Great Horned Owl nestling poked its head out of a tree cavity for the first time on May 3rd.  Always popular with school groups and protected from potential predators by the tree nest.

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