May 27, 2016


Madi manages the mercantile leather shop.

Last week we wrapped up our Education season with an awesome group of 70 fifth grade students. I led the horse demo and corral tour, and explained to the students what everyday operations look like on the ranch and the importance of horses and cattle for specific land management goals.

This group had great questions, asking about everything from the long dangling things on my chinks (fringe), to the reason for shipping some cattle and not others. Their curiosity was contagious, and I found myself thinking about things I often overlook.

Before wrapping the demo and tour up, we let the kids pet the horse. For me, it seemed trivial, but then I watched as dozens of faces lit up with wide grins and crinkled noses—it was the first time many of them had ever touched a horse—and I realized they will forever remember this place and felt pretty good to be sharing it with them.