July 28, 2015


Brett managed cattle operations at Zapata Ranch from 2014-6.

Our local game warden counted 7000 head of elk in the valley in his yearly inventory. While it’s good to see healthy numbers of wildlife, it makes keeping fences intact as they migrate a challenge.
This year we received a grant from the Colorado Parks & Wildlife through the Habitat Partnership Program (HPP). The HPP provides funding for special projects to make fencing more wildlife friendly.
Part of our plan is to install metal gates and high-visible electric wire. Our gates seem to be the weak spots and apparently the Elk know this. By putting a stronger gate it will cause them to look for other options. The high-vis wire on top will help them see a defining boundary that they can see and jump. Our existing bottom wire will be raised to 18” for the antelope and elk calves to go under. Hopefully this will be a solution that will work for the wildlife and the ranch.