October 8, 2012


Ranchlands' founder Duke Phillips is a third generation cattle rancher who believes in economic diversification, high conservation ethics, and public education as critical to the future of ranching.

Fall cattle works.  What can I say.  Today, as we moved the summer’s calves and their mommas, I thought about the long dry summer, the long cold winter ahead. The calves sought their mothers, the mothers complacently moving along with the minimal amount of energy useage, grazing, generally making it difficult for us to move the entire 1000 head herd (mothers and calves).  Another season behind us, the period of retreat to think and plan, ahead.  I love fall, and especially the light, its sharpness, and how it saturates everything it touches, as if passing through it and possessing it.  Today, it made the pasture and the bluish mountains seem like a fantasy not of this world.  This photo is of Jonathan Tullar, and it shows how I felt today.