The Most Fun You Can Have On Four Legs

November 8, 2016


Becca runs the education and guest programs at Chico Basin Ranch.

Have you ever wondered what a human-sized chicken carrying a giant pumpkin while astride a galloping horse might look like? Of course you have. Well thanks to the first ever Ranchlands Horse Sports, that burning question — and many more like it — will never plague humanity again!
This past Sunday was illuminating in so many ways. Do ponies named Corvette enjoy taking both the littlest and lankiest members of the ranch crew on a double ride? Nope. Does a gold cape and hot pink wig make everything exponentially better on horseback? Yup. Will sprinting towards a full can of beer, catapulting off your steed to chug its ice-cold contents, and hauling tail back make you burp in ungodly ways? Most definitely.
Ranch work is serious. Our crews on all the ranches rise at dawn to long days of unpredictable labor that can include but is not limited to: stubborn cows, stubborn horses, stubborn trucks, stubborn wire, stubborn leather, stubborn water leaks, and pretty much every other kind of stubborn you can imagine.
It’s also so much fun. Trotting out and trading jokes, dodging cholla on motorbikes, breaking things together, fixing things together, impromptu leather shop parties, long road trips in gorgeous country, shared sunrises and sunsets.
Ranchlands Horse Sports was the best of both worlds — serious fun. It was a blast to have our ranch family gather together on the eve of Zapata bison works — another seriously fun “all hands on deck” activity that marshals all our human resources — to enjoy a few hours of horse-powered hijinks. Competitive streaks quite literally streaked across the pasture, no one broke anything (Kate does have a unique pit injury to show off) and my face hurt from smiling so hard.
Also I got to hug a chicken.
Photography by Matt DeLorme