July 14, 2014


Ranchlands' founder Duke Phillips is a third generation cattle rancher who believes in economic diversification, high conservation ethics, and public education as critical to the future of ranching.

Saturday afternoon large clouds gathered angrily overhead, as if they were going to wash us away, yet again they slipped around our north boundary, as if fleeing, to the east.  Like they have been doing for the last three years.  As I tried to fall asleep that night, I wondering (hoping) what rains might come in the night.  Jumping out of bed in the dark the next morning, I made coffee and headed outside.  To my surprise and great joy, the frogs were croaking their asses off in the draw in front of us.  Man!!  I hadn’t heard that sound in so many years.  So it had rained.  But not a whole lot as it turns out; I think the frogs were lonely, or getting warmed up or something.  I’m thinking though that it may be the beginning.  Sometimes it takes just a gentle push to get things going.