May 21, 2016


Bill Maynard, a botanist and former high school biology teacher, has worked for various government agencies from Alaska to South Florida and for The American Birding Association. He discovered the 87,000 acre Chico Basin Ranch to be the perfect natural laboratory to study and photograph birds, dragonflies, grasshoppers and other insects. Chico Basin Ranch Natural History Resources : BIRDING CHECKLIST // BIRDING MAP // DRAGONFLY & DAMSELFLY CHECKLIST //

In spite of the males’ song, “I am so lay-zee”, the Black-throated Blue Warbler is a birder’s favorite.  Highly sexually dimorphic, the females look nothing like the striking blue, black, and white males (photo).  How does an eastern species mainly wintering in the Bahamas and West Indies end up on the Chico most years during migration?  There are numerous winter records from the Yucatan Peninsula and northern Honduras suggesting this warbler also winters west of the described range and giving them a better chance of showing up on the Chico when southeast winds bring some transgulf migrants to Colorado.