Introducing Ranchlands Review

April 7, 2014


A welcome from our CEO and founder, Duke Phillips.

Photography by Isaac Cole

5 replies to “Introducing Ranchlands Review

  1. Tom Parker

    So pleased to have had the opportunity to spend time at Zapata Ranch this past Summer.
    This review is a great way to stay connected. Best wishes to all!

  2. Megan Stacy

    There’s such beauty in all you do. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cassandra Ogier

    The experience my friends and I had this summer at Zapata was an unforgettable window into ranch life, cows herding, riding the epic sand dunes, seeing bison and a bear for the first time. The superb hospitality and level of attention and conversation was inspiring. I love what you are doing with the Review and Ranchlands. Its great to stay connected with like minded ideals. Congrats!

  4. Ned Hascall

    Duke, this is such a wonderful video, initiative, and journal. Do you have connections here in Oregon? It’s time for us to get back out to eastern Oregon ranchlands with students.Thanks for your work.

  5. The Jackson Family

    Having spent a few days with you in 2012 Edward , Kate, Sue and I often reflect on the great time we had with you all, the innovative work that your team is doing and the fine hospitality we enjoyed. This has stayed with us to this day…the film “The Dance”is stunning and it is clear that Grace is becoming a real star in so many ways….she is a credit to you all.
    We will continue to watch and read more of your progress and hope to return sooner rather than later…
    Very best Tim

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