June 28, 2014


Ranchlands' founder Duke Phillips is a third generation cattle rancher who believes in economic diversification, high conservation ethics, and public education as critical to the future of ranching.

The summer solstice was here and now behind us.  It’s still dry, but we always forget that June is mostly like that, and how it also brings the heat on.  Michael is on vacation with his family on a lake somewhere, I’m pretty sure.  Thinking of him, reminds of cool places, like the mountains where the streams are beginning to slow down as the winter snow fields melt. We are seeing pronghorn females loitering alone in the pastures; we’ll soon be seeing their young.  Lou fell off her horse yesterday when it stumbled and hit her head, but she is ok.  We have visitors today whom I will take for a tour.  But the most exciting thing is happening today: a semi freight truck is bringing 6 big new machines for our leather shop!!!  We are growing!  Another dream is coming in to being!!