January 2, 2014


Michael managed Chico Basin Ranch for several years up until 2015.

Not that any experience ever actually repeats itself, but sometimes something happens that you know will stand out as a truly unique moment. Saturday afternoon while setting out several pheasant for some hunting clients we flushed out not one, but four Bobcats! They emerged one at a time from the tall grass in the draw below our alfalfa field, as if to be sure the full affect would register, each one pausing for a moment to look back at us before disappearing into the cholla. Though all the bobcats appeared to be either near or actually full sized it was most likely a family unit, a mother and her adolescent young, not quite ready to cut the parental connection. Maybe they were hunting mice or cottontails in the tall bottom grass, but I could not help but entertain the thought that they were waiting in ambush for the nice juicy pheasants I was about to put out. My parents and middle son Cole shared the moment with me and though my mother tried to get her camera out by the time she was able to push the button all she captured was grass and cholla. The picture above is a Chico Bobcat however, a relative perhaps, that our friend Bill Maynard caught on film last September.