June 20, 2014


Kate manages the Zapata Lodge & Ranch and oversees Ranchlands marketing.

At Zapata we get to ride with some amazing riders from all over the world, polo players, show jumpers, dressage riders and those that have been in the saddle for a lifetime, we also get brand spanking new riders. Some have maybe been in the saddle once. Ever.
These are I think the most rewarding to ride with, slightly nervous, excited and with no clue what they are able to achieve when they first step on. Quite often but under no promise we get a number of our beginners riding like they’ve only ever dreamed of…. Successfully posting a trot without crippling pain, going up and down terrains that they wouldn’t imagine and maybe, sometimes, if all goes well under good instruction and watchful eyes, they may even be loping through the creeks after only a few days.