October 12, 2012


Jeff managed the Zapata Ranch cattle operations until 2014.

On Wednesday we pregnancy checked our 450 first calf heifers. It was a full day that began by a trot to the back side of the pasture in the dark and ended with taking the last cattle back out close to dark. It all went very well. We had a great breed-up on the cattle and our young crew did a great job keeping cattle flowing to the chute so that the veterinarian never had to wait. I am very proud of the job everyone did; there’s nothing that makes me happier than having a great crew that is fun to work with and also gets the job done right. We are now zeroing in on the last preparations for bison roundup which is coming up in two and a half weeks. It’s a good feeling to be going into this with such a conscientious, responsible, and capable bunch of people.