August 22, 2011


David lived on the Medano Ranch for several years and is now raising his two sons on Chico Basin Ranch with his wife Tess.

Yesterday afternoon we had a big rain storm sweep across the valley that left a huge rainbow over the sand dunes.

The rainbow got more and more intense and was almost blinding to look at.

We still need more rain on the Zapata, but the Medano is looking nice and green from receiving more rain and also having more water below the ground that feeds the roots.

The majority of the staff and guests are getting back today from a pack trip to the mountains. The group went up sand creek into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and spent the weekend riding, hiking and fishing. They also ate well too, with big steak meals, pancake breakfasts and desserts. The pack trips are a lot of fun and we’ll share more pictures once the crew gets back.