November 29, 2016


Madeline is the Ranchlands staff photographer and videographer.

Ranchlands Mercantile originated with Duke III making leather goods for his friends and family in the tack repair room. Now, the Chico Basin Ranch leather shop is a popular place for our staff to make or fix items for themselves, and gifts for their family and friends. We asked a few members of our team what product they’d most like to give as a gift this holiday season. Here are their top picks:


The chico tote


When I lived in Denver, I came home one weekend and my dad gave me a leather bag that he’d made. He’d been working on it in the evenings, sewing the handles on by hand and rubbing the edges with a piece of canvas until they were smooth. I took it back to work with me and it’s been my briefcase ever since. Over the years, we’ve made very tiny improvements to the bag, now the Chico Tote, and it’s my go-to gift each Christmas.

-Tess Leach, Ranchlands Business Development | Chico Tote, $475


the bc notebook


I love the leather notebook case. I’d like to have one for myself, but if I had to choose someone else to have it, it’d be my dad. He runs his own locksmith business and needs to stay organized while always on the go, traveling from one job to the next. The leather wears in and ages so well, and I like the idea of it collecting stories and character as it travels around with him.

-Andrea Parrie, Zapata Ranch Programs Manager | BC Notebook, $135


the iphone case



My brother is always dropping his phone and breaking it, so if I could pick anything I’d be a helpful sibling and get him an iPhone case. I’ve picked up enough about leather working from helping out in the shop that I might even be able to make it myself.

-Eric Sauerhagen, Chico Basin Ranch Apprentice | iPhone Case, $50-70


The Chico Tote, BC Notebook, iPhone Case and other handmade leather goods are all available for purchase online at .