The Art of Roping

Tom Shandley shaking out a loop.

July 11, 2016


Madeline is the Ranchlands staff photographer and videographer.

Roping is one of those classic cowboy skills that has been fundamental to ranching since the early days. This time of year, our ropes get a lot of use at brandings, where every calf is brought to the fire on the end of a rope.

Ranchlands keeps the practice of roping at brandings alive not only for tradition’s sake, but because it allows us to brand out in the pastures, which puts less stress on the cattle than bringing them into the corrals.

Take a look at how we use this simple but effective tool.

Photography by Madeline Jorden

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  1. Marcel Kuemmet

    Nice. Very nice. I never was much of a roper, getting a bit better as I am using a rope practically now.

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