August 11, 2016


“Not everything in nature is always pretty or majestic,” that is something that everyone and anyone that is involved with ranching or farming knows all too well. However in bad situations, sometimes you have to find the silver lining. For instance, yesterday we were moving the two year old herd and the black calf (on the right)  in the picture got separated from her mom at the very beginning. The red and white one (on the left) was limping and could hardly put any weight on her front left leg. Both quickly fell to the back of the herd. However every time it looked like the red and white calf was about to give up, the black calf would be right next to her almost encouraging her to keep going. Both calves made the journey and as we put them through the gate into the new pasture the were still together, and quickly paired up with their mothers.  As we doctored the red and white calf, I reflected on how amazing it was to see these two stick it out together!

By Chico Basin intern Tate Dulaney