Stoked on Stoats

March 12, 2016  //  Daily Journal // Live // Zapata Ranch

I’ve lived on the ranch for three years now and it seems I have one or two really pivotal wildlife sightings each year. I’ve seen bears, bobcats, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, beaver… An endless list really of varied and exciting species… but today I saw my first Stoat! I had seen Long-Tailed Weasels aka “big stoats” in my mammal books on the area, but never come across one in real life, so I was practically giddy when I saw one pop out of a burrow on my way to the office this morning. I imagine they are eating pretty well with all the rabbits and field mice this spring and hope they stick around long enough for me to catch another glimpse!


(Photo via

Photography by James Beissel

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  1. tony dowling

    Beautiful animal. Rare sighting. The joy of where you live.


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