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    Kulolio Ranch, Hawaii

    Holistic management expert Kirk Gadzia on sustainable ranching in Hawaii.

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    Fall Colors at Zapata Ranch

    Snow capped mountain peaks and woolly bison. Capture the spectacular colors and scenery of Zapata Ranch as few visitors see it during a week-long workshop with landscape and nature photographer Stephen Weaver.

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    Recipes from Our Ranch Table

    Some of our favorite beef and bison recipes to gather around the table with.

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March 14, 2012

White Buffalo

We have a bison calf on the ranch right now that has light colored fur and we are always on the lookout for her as we drive around. Tess will come back from a run or a drive and be so excited that she saw the white buffalo. There are albino buffalo that are pure white, but our girl is more of a very, very light tan. Maybe the hide will change as she grows but hopefully it remains and

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November 16, 2011

End of the Gather

The annual bison gather will be over tomorrow after we finish processing the last little group from the trap. After the processing the rest of the bison in the corrals will either be shipped or let back out onto the ranch.

The gather this year was a success and a fun, intense time spent with the Zapata and Chico crews and friends who helped out.

Here are some final highlights from the last days of the gather into the big trap:

Each day

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November 2, 2011

Gathering the Bison

The annual bison gather is in full-swing. This morning we have a huge, windy storm that has blown in and are going to get a later start so we can wait and see what the weather’s going to do.

Our first wave of riders has just changed guards with Kate, Jody and Toby from Top 50 Ranches and our friends from Texas and Florida heading home after being a huge help with the start of the gather. Now friends from the

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May 13, 2011

Bison Calves

Each year, Spring doesn’t really sink in until we see our first group of bison mamas with calves trailing behind them. Their color is recognizable– red beyond all of the other bison, and their bodies almost extraterrestrial in shape.

I saw my first one about a month ago when out riding with the Ciavola and Reed Families near Sand Creek. I think I wrote about it, but Kendra, Jordan, Max and I came upon a bison who had just given birth.

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May 11, 2011

Nice Days

For me, May is the month when you finally get a reprieve from the cold, windy spring weather and start to have some nice days somewhat consistently. It marks the time of calving for our bison herd too. In mid April we’ll see our first bison calves of the year and a couple more as we approach May. Just like clockwork, the calves start to appear by the dozens when May finally rolls around. A bison calf is an interesting looking creature. They are red

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February 15, 2011

Batching It

Definition of “batching it” : spending time alone, being a bachelor, doing whatever you want without having to answer to anyone.

This is what the bison bulls do most of the year, especially in winter. They preserve their energy, don’t move around too much and keep as much weight on as possible so that when spring rolls around they are in top fighting shape.

Spring time brings breeding and competition and it is in the bull’s best interest to be as big

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