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March 7, 2011

Snow, Cranes and Bald Eagles

Every March the Sandhill Cranes migrate through the valley and have slowly been making their way in each day since the end of last week. I saw my first group relaxing in a field on the way into town and could see their tall, skinny, grey frames poking about and forgot how tall they were. At first you think you are looking at the front side of a huge coyote, but then you quickly see several hundred of these grey

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February 28, 2011

Sun Over the Sangres

Each morning you can see the sun approaching and creating a glow that eventually spills over the mountains and into the whole valley. This same build up happens with the storms, and watching the progressions and weather descend over the valley is pretty cool.

Everything gradually gets lit up and lately it’s been around 7 am that the sun makes it all the way over. With the frost you’ll also see little crystals sparkling all across the ground, grass and plants

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