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May 21, 2016

Yellow-throated Creeper

The Yellow-throated Warbler forages like a Black-and-white Warbler slow and deliberate unlike most warblers and was originally named Yellow-throated Creeper because of this.  It differs from other members of the genus Setophaga in that its breeding range is more southerly and its winter range more northerly.  It is rare in Colorado, but seems to find Chico to its liking in more years than not.  Because they nest at the tops of trees in their southern breeding range, seeing them just

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May 15, 2016

Northern Parula Continues

A tiny eastern warbler that is a regular migrant on the Chico is Northern Parula. Parula is both a common and scientific name and I have heard as many as four pronunciations of the word. Here is a male looking for insects in the flowers of a peach-leaf willow along the dam of Rose Pond.  This bird calls on occasion and at times it can be heard singing its rising high-pitched song.

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May 10, 2016

Blackpoll Warbler

A silent male Blackpoll Warbler was seen by 6 of us at Upper Twin Pond on Monday.  This is an obligate long distance migrant that flies in the fall from coastal mid-Atlantic states where many individuals of this species congregates after flying southeast from Canadian coniferous forest breeding grounds, non-stop for up to 88 hours to northern South America.  Programmed in its DNA is the need to fly toward the southEAST towards Tropic of Cancer where the trade winds there

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