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February 9, 2011


Yesterday morning we went on a feed and ice run at the Chico. We went all around the north pasture breaking ice with axes and unloading bales of hay. We broke the ice as Michael and Allen talked about on the Chico blog so the cattle can get through to the water at the tanks in their pastures.

There was a lead steer with this particular bunch that helps the new cattle get used to feed trucks, moving in to new

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February 3, 2011

Winter, alas!

It’s been warm this winter, unseasonably warm. 5,10 degrees in the mornings, and then warming up to at least 30, sometimes even 55. This isn’t what we’re used to.

Yesterday’s storm reminded us of how lucky we’ve been this year. When we woke up and realized it was 30 below, and watched the thermometer eek up to a mere 5 degrees, we were extra grateful for the season’s warmth.

Generally winter here has given way to Spring by early March, in perfect

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