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December 30, 2014


By: Jennifer Denison of Western Horseman

A side street in urban Denver, Colorado, is an unlikely place to find bales of hay tucked around a doorway obscured by a black cloth. But it’s how I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I have attended Western art shows from California to Georgia and Canada to Texas, but none quite like the Ranchlands Art Exhibition, which was unveiled to the public at an opening reception on November 20.

The annual event is hosted by Ranchlands, a ranch-management business that partners with owners of large-scale ranches to implement conservation and sustainability programs that co-exist with cattle operations to preserve open space and the ranching lifestyle. The art show is one of the avenues used to bring together people from all ages and walks of life to share a common interest in the land and those who live off of it, as well as showcase the works of Western artists. I went to the show to learn more about the cause and to support the ranches and artists involved, most of which are based in my home state of Colorado.

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// Jennifer Denison

2 replies to “Touched by a Painting – Western Horseman

  1. Lynn Grigsby

    Several years ago I was invited to paint at Zapata Ranch and then the art show was held several months later at ChicoBasin Ranch. The next year the show was in Denver. My time at the Zapata Ranch and the oppertunity to paint with the other artists in such a beautiful place was truly a memorable experience. The last few years have been so busy for me with kids graduating and other shows that I have not kept track of the Chico Basin art show. I am writing in hopes that the art show is still in existence and that maybe I will be lucky enough to participate again. Please let me know if the show still exisits and where to apply/submit for participating. Thank you. – Lynn Grigsby

    1. Tess Leach

      Thank you for your note, Lynn. The gathering is still up and going with a show now each fall/winter in Denver! Feel free to email for more info. Hope you’re doing well!

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