June 6, 2016


“I have no words to say that could express the gratitude we have for your generosity. I was amazed when you answered so quickly and opened your land to us. Not long after our arrival the boys realized how unique this opportunity was to stay on the ranch. We were able to see the buffalo herd in the distance as we arrived late Friday evening. The view and perspective of the dunes was second to none.

We appreciate your hospitality to allow us to use the facilities at the ranch house. This made it very comfortable, especially for the 3 ladies that tagged along.

This was an amazing opportunity for the boys as they experienced many new things- we had coyotes come into camp and made the boys nervous, but nothing was harmed so they realized how harmless they really are. And best of all on Sunday morning we could hear buffalo close by, they finally showed themselves @150 yards from the camp! The boys then realized how amazing it was that we were amongst these magnificent animals.

Upon arrival we met your lovely intern from New York- she was very sweet and welcoming (although I have forgotten her name). She was explaining to us about your ranch and that they also offer educational programs. We would love some more information on this, as many of the boys were very interested in the sweep systems and chutes that they saw while there. This would be yet another once in a lifetime opportunity for the boys.

Once again- thank you so much for kindness- we would have had to cancel this trip without the space to camp.”

Brad & Amber Stiles