December 15, 2015


Brett managed cattle operations at Zapata Ranch from 2014-6.

Every November we work the bison on the Medano side.  During this time we bring some calves and yearlings down to the Zapata.  We keep them in the corrals and feed them there for a few weeks.  During this time we train them to electric fence, being fed from the cake truck and hay wagon, being used to seeing people afoot, and horses.

My two interns, Caleigh & Megan, and I started by pushing them horseback up into a smaller pen from the larger pen where they are fed.  Then we worked a small group up the alley into another small pen and back down again until they moved at a walk.  We then worked the whole herd up the alley and back.

Before the final move out into a pasture, we took them into a large trap and herded them back into the pens several times.  The video was taken on the second day of training and this was about the fourth time up into the first smaller pen from where they are fed.  Caleigh puts just enough pressure on the front of the herd near the gate to get the first few started and then the rest follow back into the feeding pen.[youtube id=”qglaUgDamy0″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” parameters=”″ grow=”no”]