October 4, 2011


David lived on the Medano Ranch for several years and is now raising his two sons on Chico Basin Ranch with his wife Tess.

The 11th annual Ranchlands Artist Gathering Exhibition went on display last Friday in the Columbine Showroom in the Denver Design District. The work will be on display for the month of October so be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.

The opening party for the exhibit was also on Friday and was a lot of fun with the artists present. The work was displayed among the furnishings in the showroom and with some tasty food and cocktails everyone had a great time.

Earlier last week Tess and I were in another art environment visiting Taos, New Mexico. New Mexico is only about 45 minutes south of the ranch and 30 minutes south of Fort Garland. Taos is a little under an hour from there, so it really is a quick and easy drive.

On the way there we drove over the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge that was unbelievable. Driving right over it you could look down and see just how massive the gorge really was and it was impressive. A lot of people get out and walk the bridge and that would have been fun too.

In Taos we did a lot of sightseeing and if you’ve read the book¬†Blood and Thunder,¬†that is a great history read on America’s westward expansion, you’ll definitely want to visit Taos. Within walking distance we were able to see Governor Bent’s house and Kit Carson’s house, each with their own museums. We also ate a lot of great food from a delicious diner and bakery breakfast at Michael’s, to gourmet and local everything at The Love Apple.

On our second day we visited the Millicent Rodgers museum on the outskirts of town that is also definitely worth visiting. Millicent was a woman who came from a very wealthy family in New York who moved to Taos and started the art movement there by encouraging her artist friends and acquaintances to travel to Taos to see the beauty of the land.

So all in all if you have time Taos is a quick trip from Zapata and definitely worth a day trip from the ranch or staying a few days on either end of your trip.