Bird Banding Beings September 1st

August 20, 2016


Bill Maynard, a botanist and former high school biology teacher, has worked for various government agencies from Alaska to South Florida and for The American Birding Association. He discovered the 87,000 acre Chico Basin Ranch to be the perfect natural laboratory to study and photograph birds, dragonflies, grasshoppers and other insects. Chico Basin Ranch Natural History Resources : BIRDING CHECKLIST // BIRDING MAP // DRAGONFLY & DAMSELFLY CHECKLIST //

Chico is a bird migrant trap. Southbound birds heading to the southern U.S., Mexico, and for some species even to South America need to stop to restore their fat reserves.  A great place for them to do that is at Chico Basin Ranch. School groups, new birders and veterans alike, all see an amazing array of bird species at Chico.  Why don’t they look like they do in Spring? Come to the Banding Station to find out.  How do you separate the sparrows? Come to Chico to find out. What about flycatchers? How do I identify them? Come to Chico to find out.  Here, one of the few remaining summer breeding birds, a male Blue Grosbeak.  He WILL be caught at the banding station and so will the female.

Banding begins on the first of September.