November 18, 2012


A graduate of the apprenticeship program, Nick now manages the MP Ranch in New Mexico with his wife Amy.

Kerstin, Elliot and Brent left the Chico today. Kerstin’s next move is to work on a cattle ranch in Australia while Elliot is planning to work at a landscape architecture firm in San Francisco. Brent is off to visit his parents in San Jose, CA and figure out what he will do next.

I will miss all three, and found a thing in each which I respect and admire.
Kerstin managed to keep the subtle landscape of the Chico always beautiful to herself, not letting it fade into the background to be overwhelmed by daily work.
Elliot, to my eye, developed a quiet self assurance and ethic, different from the swagger that he arrived with. Brent was a leader in building community– inclusive and generous, applying himself with maniacal intensity to each task.

Thanks for your hard work.

Our new intern crew, Kathryn, Coleman and Harper, who mostly arrived just before Bison Works, has already very quickly adapted itself to the rhythms of working and living on the Chico. I am looking forward to working with and learning more from these three.