October 12, 2015


Madi manages the mercantile leather shop.

The rabbit brush and prairie grasses began to glow under the early evening sun as we drove out to the southern part of Chico Basin Ranch. Duke had the truck bed brimming with all the afternoon necessities: cooler, chairs, fishing rods, snacks, and our dogs. Saturday was clear, so as the sun began its decent, the mountains popped against their glowing backdrop. Even in the center of Upper Twin Lake the bugs left us alone. The air was cool and quiet, except for the occasional splash from a fish and the honking of migratory sandhill cranes overhead. Once the watercolor sunset subsided, millions of tiny sparkling stars littered the sky. I love Fall here on the ranch- its weather lures you to stay outdoors and its copper and gold hues spoil you with glorious views. Sharing this night with my mom and brother topped off an already perfect evening.

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  1. Tony Dowling

    Five hours into a day that started on horseback at 7 am, the young brindle steer lit out across the endless pasture at a right angle to the course we were on. Becca and Kerstine broke from their easy trot and conversation into a full canter, dodging cholla, gullies and prairie dog holes. The rest of us took off after them,some at a canter and others of us poking along behind at a fast trot, not the most comfortable gait but all that i could manage without risk of coming off of BC , the big sorrel i was riding, while he dodged the obstacles. A thousand yards later and with the help of an arroyo deep enough to slow the steer, Becca and Kerstine turned him back toward the far side of the pasture, our original destination. Three hours later we passed through the last gate into the headquarter corrals, after 8 hours on horseback, the ill-mannered brindle steer successfully dropped in a nearby pasture. Seven of us had moved 800 cow/calf pairs to new pasture with fresh grass. Good, hard riding, excellent company and nothing better than moving and working cows on good ranch horses in this glorious country. John and I were ranch guests this week and we had a heck of a time. Thanks to the Chico crew for making us part of the team, letting us eat dust and cultivate saddle sores. It was fun.

    1. Tess Leach

      Thanks for your note, Tony! Loved having you back again, can’t wait until the next time.

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