Leather Workshop Giveaway

December 14, 2017


One of next summer’s Ranchlands: Stay vacations, the 3-Day Leather Workshop, has been nominated as an Unordinary Trip of the Month by InfoHub.com, an online travel portal “dedicated to out of the ordinary, special interest adventures. For the first time ever, Ranchlands is opening up the leather shop for a workshop for anyone from┬ábeginners, enthusiasts to semi pros. Join our leather team to create a product that you can take home with you such as a pair of chinks, a leather satchel or a tooled belt. Get creative and learn practical skills such as pattern making, tooling and all of the steps that go into finishing leather.

In connection with this, we are happy to offer our guests a special prize. Anyone who books a vacation before January 15, 2018, may be eligible for a special prize from GPSmyCity. One winner will receive a one-year membership of the GPSmyCity app including acccess to all the GPSmyCity content–over 6500 self-guided city walks and travel articles.

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