Zapata Bird Diary Day 4 and 5

September 16, 2012


Kate manages the Zapata Lodge & Ranch and oversees Ranchlands marketing.

Overnight rain clearing by dawn to leave a clear bright day with a moderate northerly wind.

The cooler weather seemed to produce some new arrivals despite the early part of the previous night being quite wet. I try to only list species that are probably migrants rather than every Scrub Jay I encounter. It’s also been pointed out to me that the birds I’ve been recording as Indigo Buntings (I’ve been picking these birds up on call) are almost certainly Lazuli, Indigo Bunting’s western incarnation.

A few new additions to the autumn’s list of birds. Totals below.

American Kestrel                        3

SS Hawk             3

RT Hawk            4

Northern Harrier            1

Common Nighthawk            c60

Red-napped Sapsucker            1

Northern Flicker            c15

Emip. Flycatcher            6

Western Wood-pewee            3

Says Phoebe            1

Western Kingbird                        6

Warbling Vireo            1

Cassin’s Vireo            1

Western Bluebird                        c40

Mountain Bluebird            c10

Townsend’s Solitaire            4

Hermit Thrush            1

Grey Catbird            1

American Pipit            2

Audubon’s Warbler            c250

Orange-crowned Warbler            5

Virginia’s Warbler            1

Wilson’s Warbler                        12

Lazuli Bunting            1

Chipping Sparrow            c120

Dark-eyed Junco                        1

Lincoln’s Sparrow            4

Spotted Towhee            4

Green-tailed Towhee            8

Yellow-headed Blkbird            2

Brewer’s Blkbird                        30

Lesser Goldfinch                        40

Pine Siskin            20

Ruby crowned Kinglet            1
Day 4

A wet night leading into a very wet day at times, such conditions probably grounding at lot of birds and also stopping any new ones arriving! Although in contradiction to that there was a notable increase in Flicker numbers and a couple of new Red-napped Sapsuckers for good measure. Pulses of Audubon’s Warbler’s still were appearing, containing one or two Orange-crowned Warblers. Although I don’t think many new birds have arrived in these conditions. The Olive-sided Flycatcher was still around and a noisy group Clarke’s Nutcracker showed up again.

A trip to the Alamosa Wildlife refuge produced, Vesper, Savannah, Lincoln’s, Song, Brewer’s and White-crowned Sparrows. Barn, Violet –green, Tree and Bank Swallows. A single Blue-winged Teal flew over and a small group of Wilson’s Snipe were on a flooded stretch of track.

Most of the pools were completely dry except the one nearest the visitor’s centre, which held 5 Greater Yellowlegs and 3 Lesser Yellowlegs.