March 29, 2011


David lived on the Medano Ranch for several years and is now raising his two sons on Chico Basin Ranch with his wife Tess.

Mt. Blanca, technically called Blanca Peak, is the southern most point of the Sangre de Cristo Range that makes up the greater Sangre de Cristo Mountains, that extends into New Mexico. Blanca Peak is the tallest peak in both, standing at 14,345 feet.

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are the southernmost range of the Rocky Mountains and run from Poncha Pass in South Central Colorado to Glorietta Pass, just southeast of Santa Fe.

The neat history of Blanca Peak comes into play with the Navajo people. To the Navajo Blanca Peak was known as the Sacred Mountain of the East and was translated as the Dawn or White Shell Mountain. The peak represented a very important landmark in the Navajo country and was a physical reference point marking the Eastern boundary of the Dinetah, the entire traditional Navajo homeland. Blanca Peak was believed to be fastened to the ground by lightning, male by gender, associated with the color white and covered in daylight and dawn.

A lot of great history and I’m sure there is more that we don’t know about as the peak itself is made of granite that is 1.8 billion years old.