October 29, 2009


A fourth generation rancher, Tess co-manages Ranchlands with her brother Duke IV. She is raising her two sons on Chico Basin Ranch with her husband David.

Last night after dinner, David and I stayed at the lodge and played a couple of games of cribbage with our guests, Susan and Jim, from New Jersey.  We had a great Mahi Mahi and vegetable dinner from Mike, and enjoyed it to the warmth of a huge fire in the fireplace. When we left about 9:30, we joked about how Jim and Susan were going to have a cold snowy ride today and sure enough, as we opened the door, we were greeted by a a blizzard.

Below is a picture I took at sunset yesterday, before the storm had hit. Half of the dunes were iced with snow, while the other half looked like it was still summertime. I love how this sunset is fall-inspired and then you look under it at the mountains an it’s full on wintertime. The sunsets here inspire all to hobby-photography.

And the snow continued through the night, too. We woke-up to a white world: 6 inches of snow and not a ray of sun penetrating the clouds. The snow just picked up again about 30 minutes ago, I’m thinking about making some soup for lunch to celebrate the onset of winter.

Jeff stopped by this morning en route to round up a few lone bison. He’s busy preparing for our annual bison processing which takes place next week. To do this, he and Carla, our intern from Germany, and Blake round-up all of the bison on big wheel motorcycles and with trucks. It’s a daunting task, and they tell us so. But I also think that they look forward to it all year. This year we’re going to have a huge crew helping us– over 20, which will be fun for all.

Check back tomorrow for pictures of our new white world!