January 22, 2016


Jessie lives on Zapata Ranch where she runs Ranchlands social media accounts.

I spend the majority of my day in the office, but that is not to say I don’t see a lot of incredible things from my window. Lately a lone coyote has been loitering around the lodge grounds, behind the office in particular. The dogs let me know with a low growl every time it’s around and we watch through the large office window until it leaves. Usually it’s just passing through, but today I watched it do a few very streamlined pounces into the snow and on the second try, he or she came up with a vole. It looked around briefly before swallowing it whole. I’ve been talking about how well-fed the coyotes look for this time of year and chalking it up to the warm weather, so it was pretty cool to see this one nab its prey with ease on this clear, warm day. Even from inside the office there are some pretty amazing things to see if you just look for them.