Prairie Winter

February 3, 2017


Even during winter, when the rest of the prairie falls dormant, days grow shorter, and animals┬áretreat into their winter dens, the rancher’s work doesn’t slow. We continue to go out on long rides to keep up with our rotational grazing schedule and spend full days in the corrals during our annual pregnancy testing weeks, despite the sometimes bone-chilling cold.

Narrated by Chico Basin Ranch intern Laura Mowery.

Photography by Lucy Ellis

3 replies to “Prairie Winter

  1. Tony Dowling

    Nice video. Good to get a little fix of life at the ranches so far away here in North Carolina. That hot stove warming the leather shop is the reward for those cold days in the saddle.

  2. Hendrik

    Winters come and gow
    The little told me sow

  3. Hendrik

    Winters come and gow
    The little birds told me sowe

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