Ranchlands Down Under: My Boy Slick

September 12, 2016


Sam is an apprentice on Chico Basin Ranch. As part of her apprenticeship, she spent eight months working on a cattle station in Australia.

As part of the stock camp learning experience each ringer (cattle hand) in the camp is given a 2 year old green broke horse to ride and take on the musters in order to train them for stock horse life. My colt is a gangly gelding who I got into the habit of calling Slick. The first few gathers we did together he was quite anxious being out of sight of the other colts and did not like hearing any odd noises from the saddle (whistling, radio chatter, paper wrinkling, etc). But the months and miles have seen both of us growing in independence and skills. He has held his own leading the herd, cutting back cows and calves and early morning river crossings in the dark.┬áNext week is the Paraway Company colt challenge. The crews from all the cattle stations come together to celebrate the end of the season and see the newest generation of stock horses show their stuff. I’m glad I have a good little gelding, dopey as he is at times to share on the adventure with.