June 6, 2011


David lived on the Medano Ranch for several years and is now raising his two sons on Chico Basin Ranch with his wife Tess.

On Saturday several of us went to Saguache to help our friends George and Julie with their branding. It is dry there as well but the cows looked good and healthy. It was neat country with a lot of big hills like the one you see behind Jeff in the picture.

Our guests Jess and Carrie from New York camped out the night before with several of the crew and were close by in the morning to help bring the herd in through the hills for branding.

Duke and Grace were also in town from Chico, with Duke starting things off roping the better part of the morning. Nick, Jeff and Carlos also did some roping and sadly it was Nick’s last day in Colorado before heading off to his old school in California, Deep Springs, to help with their operation this summer. Nick was a great addition to the team and he will definitely be missed.

It was a great group of people at the branding and with no wind and therefore no dust it made for a great day being with friends and family.