Snow, Cranes and Bald Eagles

March 7, 2011


David lived on the Medano Ranch for several years and is now raising his two sons on Chico Basin Ranch with his wife Tess.

Every March the Sandhill Cranes migrate through the valley and have slowly been making their way in each day since the end of last week. I saw my first group relaxing in a field on the way into town and could see their tall, skinny, grey frames poking about and forgot how tall they were. At first you think you are looking at the front side of a huge coyote, but then you quickly see several hundred of these grey bodies moving about and catch glimpses of the red patches under their necks.

Bald Eagles also migrate through the valley this time of year and Tess and Jeff have been seeing their fair share. Tess just last week saw one perched in a tree at the old Medano headquarters, where the owls usually hang out, so I wonder if there were any turf skirmishes. That would be an interesting fight to see!

If you are in the area this weekend be sure to check out the Monte Vista Crane Festival. There will be plenty of cranes, sites to see and interesting booths full of local art and handiwork.