June 17, 2014


Ranchlands' founder Duke Phillips is a third generation cattle rancher who believes in economic diversification, high conservation ethics, and public education as critical to the future of ranching.

Steve Earle and the Dukes (the name of his band). What a show last Saturday night.   What a party!  Duke Beardsley was here and we joked about how the three Dukes should have cornered Steve E. and taken a photo of Steve and the Dukes.  Would have been fun.  I kept thinking about how much time and energy and money it took to put this show on, and then when the cars started streamed down the road coming at us, dust high behind, then later at the concert how many people came up to me to express their appreciation for doing this and how they didn’t realize the positive environmental impact that ranches had, I thought, its worth it.  This is what we have been trying to do all these years, close the growing gap between people in town who are moving further from nature, and ranchers who live in nature and are stewards of it.  I was asked many times to tell them exactly how our ranching methods are good for the land, not in a challenging way, but in a genuinely curious way.  What a beautiful night it was.  The other thing was in the middle of Steve Earle’s show, when Steve saw the moon rising like a big plate between the trees, he pointed it out without missing a lick and we just kept on right along with him.  Didn’t even miss a beat.