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May 30, 2017

Bird Predator

Many birders who come to Chico have never seen a swift fox here. But, driving in the shortgrass prairie 2-tracks gives everyone a good chance to find this very small prairie fox. Even though they are mostly nocturnal hunters, during the breeding season, swift foxes also hunt during daylight hours to ensure enough food can be provided to the kits.  Birds and bird eggs are just some of the food items these small foxes search for and small mammals and

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September 13, 2016

Bird Hunter

As the name implies swift fox is a fast runner and will eat any bird it can run down. Colorado’s eastern plains represent one of the best remaining habitats for this species that dens in sand hills on short grass and mid-grass prairies. Although the literature says they hunt mostly at night, this one was seen about noon and was not shy about posing for photographs. Much of its body length is the black-tipped tail.

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July 29, 2016

Swift Fox Den

After a few people reported a swift fox from the same location over a couple weeks duration, I stopped where I had seen one a week ago and sure enough, there was an adult fox on top of the den.  Colorado shortgrass prairie is the premier habitat for this species, declining in the northern part of its range.

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July 15, 2016

Swift Fox Hunting

The swift fox is nocturnal but when feeding young they might hunt into the morning hours.  This one completely ignored my car as it stalked a spotted ground squirrel or black-tailed jackrabbit nearby. In the photograph there are also two grasshoppers which becomes part of the swift fox diet during the summer months. During drought years, up to 85 % of a swift fox’s diet can be grasshoppers. Nestling birds are also consumed. Swift fox is a shortgrass prairie species

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