January 24, 2014


Michael managed Chico Basin Ranch for several years up until 2015.

Compared to our brethren over at the Medano-Zapata we live in banana land over here at the Chico. It is part of what makes this such excellent cattle country. By stewarding our grass resources we can graze year round. This is often true at the Zapata, but not as reliably as here. The only hay involved in the operation is a little in reserve for blizzard insurance, a few bales to feed to calves during weaning, some for feeding horses that need to be kept in overnight and for the sheep during lambing (newborn lambs are coyote bait if left outside). The impact this has on operational costs cannot be overstated. As you can see above though, we did have a little blast of winter yesterday, with single digit temperatures and about 3 inches of snow. For us it is just a pleasant variation and a bit of much appreciated moisture. This morning it is 11 degrees F but we are supposed to see mid fifties by this afternoon.