The Wranglers of Zapata Ranch

July 1, 2017


From fixing fence to moving cattle to educating guests about sustainable ranching practices, wranglers have a hand in all aspects of life at Zapata Ranch. Meet Caroline, Natalie, Amy, Claire and Devon: the five young women from across the country who are calling the San Luis Valley home for the 2017 season.

Photography by Madeline Jorden and Collin Wade

2 replies to “The Wranglers of Zapata Ranch

  1. Tracy DeShazo

    Love, love, love those wranglers! Educated, funny and caring… forever in my heart!

  2. Betty

    This was an incredible video to watch! The wranglers summed up so well the mission of the Nature Conservancy and Ranchlands. Thank you for producing this and sharing it on your website!

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